OMG guys, even though I have tons of stories I haven’t been updating because I’ve been so busy…getting ready for external conference!

You all remember the time they passed me over for a new girl who had only been hired 3 months before? She ended up being blackballed from the event because of her behavior there. Or how about last year, when they said they just couldn’t bring me because there wasn’t enough work, but they took a coworker who had left the company and had just returned plus another new hire?

I’d given up all hope of going and had become incredibly bitter that others had been chosen over me when I’d been here longer, proven myself etc. I was definitely losing my loyalty to Anonymous Software Company. Then my boss, Ching, called and made my day better saying that they’d decided to bring me.

I can’t wait to update you all on what happens – be back in a few weeks!