Studly lives and works about 2-3 hours (depending on traffic) away from me. He also works the 5am shift. I think you see where this is going – on nights that he stays with me, he has to leave at 2:30 to 3am to get to work on time, which makes me worry that he’ll get into an accident or fall asleep at the wheel.

Or if I stay the night at his place, I leave at 4:30am when he’s on his way to work and drive the two hours home, shower and dress, then go to work at 7:30a. It’s definitely easier on me than on him. We usually try to text each other – when he gets to work or when I get home. I’m a wonderful fucking human being so I text promptly. He forgets and wants me to worry so he doesn’t always text me before going to work, which means I may not hear from him for hours.

This morning I waited for his text the whole drive home and didn’t hear from him until 10am. For the record, that’s 4 hours after I got home! It’s a 25 minute drive for him to get to work, he just forgot to text before working and then didn’t have his phone until his lunch break.

So naturally, I got pissed.

Zoogie2: I was worried about you

Studly: Didn’t mean to worry you, maybe we can get me a tracking app

Zoogie2: A tracking app?

Studly: So you can see if I make it safe when I forget to text

Zoogie2: Sounds like stalking :/

Studly: I would have called it creative problem solving

Zoogie2: Would you track me too then?

Studly: Like a Fed Ex package? ;p

Zoogie2: Are you serious about wanting to get an app to track each other?

Studly: I’m serious about making sure you don’t worry about me

This is weird, right? This can’t possibly be normal…