Through a friend of the family I heard that a local software company was looking for summer interns, which seemed perfect since I was only a few months away from starting college a few hours away. I turned in an application and was given an interview with Ching.

Although I asked a few times, no one told me what department I was interviewing for, so when Ching asked “What do you want to learn about?”, I responded “Maybe a little about accounting.” She was a manager in the Marketing department. Doh.

Somehow I was still hired and I spent the summer learning all about Marketing from a B2B Software perspective. On my first day I nervously smiled at everyone and Googled how to make coffee, since I don’t drink it. Mid-morning, Ching looked over the wall of her cubicle and said she was going on a coffee run, would I like something from Starbucks. That’s when I knew I would like this job – the boss was willing to get an employee coffee.

At the end of the summer I was awarded a part time internship that I hadn’t known I was competing for and the rest is history. I’ve been with the company ever since.

So ends the last of my Throwback Thursdays…