I’d like to say that I’ve been missing because I’ve been so busy rolling around on my piles of cash or discovering a new species of Komodo Dragon and riding it around Los Angeles, but sadly I have no piles of cash and Komodo Dragons are notoriously grumpy. Plus I haven’t lived in LA for the past 4 years. I need to keep vodka next to my computer because this is depressing me.

"Na na na na na na - you're too fat to put a harness on me and ride me!"Who knew Komodo Dragons were such dicks?

“Na na na na na na – you’re too fat to put a harness on me and ride me!”
Who knew Komodo Dragons were such dicks?

In reality I got really sick with a bad cold mid-November. It was all I could do to work from home and sigh dramatically. The cold traveled into my face like a rooting mole and became simultaneous ear and sinus infections. In the midst of my illness from hell, Anonymous Software Company decided to send me to Europe. Since this has been my dream ever since I first saw a map of the world, I put my big girl pants on and stopped whining about being sick.

Unfortunately, the illness relapsed during the stress of working 14 hour days and what has become the WORST plane trip I’ve ever taken (damn you Air France!). Suddenly I was unable to walk a straight line, suffered from vertigo lying down and was nauseous from the dizziness. My ear infection worked it’s way into my inner ear and became Labyrinthitis. That’s a real thing by the way, not just some sort of reference to David Bowie stealing a baby.

That meant two weeks of no work and sleeping while sitting up which is even less comfortable than it sounds. I’ll quit my whining about being sick by ending this diatribe saying that I got sick mid-November and I still have a gross cough and it’s almost February. I’m like Typhoid Mary…but somehow Labyrinthitis Zoogie2 just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Meanwhile during this time Studly and I had a huge 2 month fight, which culminated in an argument over whether we should stay together. Side note – in a rare turn of events I was 100% right and he was 100% wrong. The fight was whether I could stay with him, despite him being wrong…I’ll update more about that in it’s own post.

In summary, sorry I ditched you guys. I have 10,000 posts about SlipNSlide, RockStar, Studly, work drama, promotion, my trip to Europe and Hawaii…*huge hacking cough*.