I’ve never been to the Opera, but I’ve dreamed of going. My grandfather used to sing and I watched some videos of his performances but he retired before I was born. Hometown has the honor of a real Opera production passing through the town and playing one show next week! I don’t know who slept with the Opera manager to get them to do a show here, but THANK YOU, your sacrifice was worth it.

Poww, TweedleSweet and I decided to go; little did they know how serious I was going to get about this. After purchasing the tickets I wrote them a quick email:

I know Hometown isn’t like New York and people probably don’t dress up for the Opera, but I am not “people”. Be prepared, I will be wearing something fabulous!

We bought the cheapest tickets and I asked TweedleSweet what to wear. She hadn’t even thought about it. My gawd.

Zoogie2: I’m wearing a dress. Probably my black one, or possibly the gray

Poww: omg me too…how embarassing!

Zoogie2: Poww, I’m wearing my gray dress and that’s final. If you wear your gray dress, we’re going to match and that will be horrific. Please select another color dress.

So my dress was pulled out and ironed but then I realized I’ll be missing the cute obnoxious opera binoculars. What’s a girl to do? TweedleSweet came to the rescue on that.

“All you really need is some flash. I have a black and navy blue boa if you want to wear that.”

Yes, TweedleSweet. I would love to wear a boa.