Ana was not a good supervisor, she was too busy competing with Jessie for most incompetent worker. Jessie knew where clothing went since she used to be a floor person, but Ana felt it was below her station to learn. However, Jessie had a habit of clocking everyone out at night once she finished paperwork and letting us continue working on the floor for free while she did her nails behind the counter. It was a lose-lose situation.

Around that time I was offered another babysitting gig for the summer, but I wasn’t sure how to tell discount store I had a second job without them firing me (again). The babysitting job didn’t pay much and it was only temporary, so I didn’t want to alienate Discount Store until I could find a permanent position somewhere else.

So I did what people do all of the time – I lied.

It is a requirement of Hometown to complete 50 hours of community service in order to graduate high school. I had already completed it, but I lied and told Discount Store that I needed to do my hours that summer and that I’d found a place to volunteer. Since it was required for school I made sure that Discount Store’s schedule came second. At our monthly mandatory meeting, Manager brought up the impact to our work schedules, saying: “Since Zoogie2 will be doing volunteer work this summer, we will be rotating the schedule as to who will work days.”

Jessie giggled and loudly interrupted, “How many did you get?”

My brow knit together in confusion, “Um I’m doing 50 hours.”

“Shit girl, what did you do?” Jessie’s eyes widened.


“To get 50 hours of community service, what did you steal a car?”

“No, it’s required to graduate high school. Aren’t you doing them too?”

Jessie shook her head, “Naw, I’m getting my GED.”

I found out later that no one believed me and they thought I’d gotten a sentence of 50 community service hours. In better news, Manager finally received his promotion and now Assistant Manager was in charge of Discount Store…