I remember it was a gold set, but the actual design is hazy. The last time I saw it I was maybe 8 years old, but I remember thinking it was incredibly beautiful. My parents divorced when I was 5 after a bitter, violent, drunken marriage and my mom threw her rings at my dad (literally).

After they simmered down over the course of a few years, Dad decided that I would inherit the rings when I was old enough to get married / after his death. He died when I was 11 and we discovered that he’d had to sell the ring set years earlier to pay for his medical bills. I never really thought he had kept the rings, since he was living Social Security check to social security check by the last few years of his life.

In happier days, before my parents gave up on their marriage, my mom bought my dad a replica superbowl ring from his favorite football team. None of the diamonds in it were real and it was a total knock off worth maybe $15, but since it had no value he didn’t sell it. We thought the ring was lost after we went through his things to keep or donate after the funeral. It turns out my brother had taken the ring the day before the funeral since he was worried the family would take all of Dad’s items and leave him with nothing to remember his father by.

Mom and I only found out the ring wasn’t sold because two years ago when RockStar gave it to his girlfriend SlipNSlide as a promise ring. Yes, the same SlipNSlide who proceeded to cheat on him multiple times. There was a big fuss about RockStar giving the ring to SlipNSlide because according to Mom, since the wedding ring set was sold I should get the only other ring Dad owned. She told RockStar that he needed to give me the ring.

I won’t go into details about the family brawl it caused, but suffice to say RockStar and I didn’t speak for over a month and we agreed that SlipNSlide would keep the ring until he bought her an engagement ring. Then it would be mine.

Cue to present day, when RockStar helped SlipNSlide move two hours south to our closest major city. Mom confronted me about the aggreement RockStar and I had and told me to demand the ring from him. After much needling, I made a plan. I had my Dad’s confirmation bible and inside I had found a pendent of St. Christopher. I was struck by a brilliant plan! Put the pendent on a necklace and offer that to RockStar in exchange for the ring. This way he wouldn’t feel as bad about losing a piece of jewlery owned by Dad.

Before I had a chance to make my offer, Mom stepped in. She told RockStar that I was demanding the ring and needed it now. To get it back from his floosy girlfriend immediately. Ugh, talk about making a mess of things.

As things stand now, RockStar won’t hear of my trade idea and is pissed at me. However, SlipNSlide returned the ring after she was caught cheating, so that’s the silver lining.