There I was, trained and ready to be a Key Holder at Discount Store, next in line for the job. It was not meant to be. Assistant Manager pulled me aside one day and said, quite frankly, “Manager decided Jessie should get the Key Holder job since she is fluent in Spanish. You have seniority, but know that I don’t agree with him. Jessie’s head is in the clouds and she will make a bad key holder. Manager is on his way out though, he is going to be a regional manager soon and when he is gone I will make you Key Holder.”

I was upset, to say the least, but what could I do? Hometown is a small town with very few jobs, let alone ones that work with a school schedule. It was a bitter pill to swallow, working for someone I trained but I was counting down the days until Manager would leave and I would get my promotion and work for Assistant Manager, someone who saw my worth.

I wasn’t the only one upset by this turn of events. The hiring process went like this:


See where they skipped me and Oxana? Not only was she not in school (she was in her late 20’s), but she was the hardworking type of person who would do the job others didn’t want to do, and she’d do it without complaint. They didn’t promote her because her English wasn’t good enough so jokes started that if Oxana and Zoogie2 were one person, we’d be promoted but apart we were hopeless.

Oxana and I were both upset, more so when Jessie spent all of her time on her cellphone at the register, constantly made mistakes, undercharged customers because they were friends and didn’t help us out when we ran the floor. Too many times to count she would forget her key and we’d open the store late after we waited for her parents to drive it over or we’d close late because she wasn’t willing to boot customers out of the store on time.

In short – she sucked as a Key Holder. Who knew that her bad behavior would have an affect on my prospects…