I’ve been saying for years that I’ll know I met my soul mate if they finish one particular sentence after I start it. I’ve never had it happen before but today it totally happened.

I love love love love the rhyme Who took the cookie from the cookie jar, when I used to babysit toddlers it was my favorite game to play with them. As a joke I used to test guys I was seeing by starting off the rhyme and seeing it they picked up the beat of the song, but none ever did. Until today.

I texted Studly asking if he had eaten the last of my cereal before leaving this morning without replacing it.

Studly: Who me?

Zoogie2: Yes you!

Studly: Couldn’t be…then who? ;p

Am I dating my soul mate? No, I don’t believe in soul mates. But I am dating a man who knows how to chant a short rhyme about passing the blame while gluttonously eating cookies…so basically me in male form.