Well, it happened – Rockstar finally broke up with his cheating girlfriend SlipNSlide just a few days before their four year anniversary. I thought he had intentionally planned it since it turned out so perfectly – she had moved two hours south after quitting the job they both worked at and he was on a three week vacation leaving time to mourn in a drunken haze – but it turns out that he hadn’t meant to break up with her at all.

After she admitted kissing JP (even though her texts suggested more than kissing happened), RockStar asked her to move out to give him some space. She took a job in a major city two hours south of Hometown and he helped her move, although they both said they were renewing their relationship – not breaking up. RockStar couldn’t afford their place alone so he moved back in with Mom and Harley (torture, I’m sure).

On her last day of work, she went to say goodbye to everyone including JP. While saying goodbye in front of a number of people, she somehow let it slip that she and JP had had a further relationship…too bad JP’s boss is one of the men SlipNSlide had cheated on RockStar with. After finding out that she had done him and then his employee, the boss got uber mad and told JP that he would only be getting bad assignments from then on. JP was furious and told SlipNSlide that since she had ruined his life, he was going to ruin hers by telling RockStar the truth. She rushed to pull RockStar into a private area so she could tell him she had fibbed a bit – she hadn’t just kissed JP, she had had sex with him multiple times; she admitted to everything. She reiterated how very sorry she was about that.

Poor RockStar had to suffer through work for the rest of the day, where he works closely with JP, JP’s boss and the other two men SlipNSlide had cheated on him with. In a word, he was furious but he stayed with her.

One night a few weeks later we had a family friend visiting and Mom’s house was full of people, RockStar headed back to his bedroom to talk to SlipNSlide on the phone. She was trying to convince him to go on a vacation to a Carribean island with her – despite the fact that she could not afford her rent this month and hadn’t gotten a job yet. He realized despite all of their problems, she assumed that they were OK as a couple because he hadn’t said anything about her revalation during her last day of work – and she would keep on cheating on him because there were never any consequences. So he made some: he broke up with her. Since then he’s seemed happier and we’ve gone out drinking a few times and he’s a hit with the ladies. Good for him, fuck you SlipNSlide.

And yes, I might still be a tad bit bitter that one of my best friends, a woman I considered my future sister-in-law, fucked a bunch of other guys making my brother cry and said she had feelings for my boyfriend.