Hometown is known for the various holidays and festivals it throws – it’s a small resort town so attracting tourists is how the town gets most of its income. When I was a kid, I volunteered to help out in some of the parades and the woman who was in charge of the floats was a kind woman, but she had the most beautiful necklace I had ever seen.

According to what she told me, her great grandfather was a pearl diver and during one of his dives he found a small black pearl. Rather than sell it, he had it set in silver and gave it to his wife and it was passed down throughout their family.

You coudld tell the silver was old, since it had that polished-often look and wasn’t absolutely perfect like items bought from Tiffany’s. It two half circles in silver above the pearl, almost like a half moon. I told myself that someday I would have a gorgeous black pearl necklace too. A few years ago I found a similar necklace and the jeweler told me he could give me a huge discount if I bought that day. By nature distrustful, I went online and found it significantly cheaper and this was before the days when you could go onto Amazon and find everything at a steep discount. I held off on buying it.

I know this crappy picture looks like a pearl wearing headphones, but those are actually two half circles in silver that look like a half moon…

A few months ago I indulged Studly by going to a Swap meet. I’m the type of person that doesn’t shop often because I don’t really need anything and Studly is the type that loves a bargain. We walked by a jewelry tent and I insisted we stop in to look for a similar necklace. That’s the only time I mentioned the necklace to Studly.

When he came back from his business trip, he told me to close my eyes for a surprise. After the requisite sex joke, I closed my eyes and waited. He pulled out a small box and opened it to reveal a gorgeous black pearl necklace even more beautiful than the one in my memory. Since Studly loves a bargain, I figured that it was cubic zirconia but when I searched for the necklace online to post a pic here, I saw that this shit is actually diamonds!

Isn’t it beautiful! I’m wearing it right now 🙂

Holy crap, I have some bling around my neck…