Well, that was faster than a quickie with a whore! Evelyn already has a new boyfriend (who we’ll call Mr. Suspicious) just weeks after her Facebook update crying about her ex’s new relationship. Coincidence? I think not. I didn’t even hear about this guy until the Facebook relationship update and they met 3 weeks ago.

Apparently the electricity went out in her neighborhood and he is a technician who went house to house to let them know it was back on. They started flirting and she gave him her number. Doesn’t that sound fishy? Anytime my electricity goes off, no one lets me know it’s back on. The TV just spontaneously turns back on with those screetching women on The View once the power line is fixed.

They started dating and moved into boyfriend/girlfriend titles right away. Despite the fact that his facebook says he’s engaged to another woman (supposedly they broke up) and he lost his job within days of meeting Evelyn, she’s opened up to him completely. What do I mean by that? Well…I went to a 50 Shades of Gray party (wearing a baby doll gray dress and a pair of fuzzy handcuffs with the key around my neck) and saw Evelyn’s mom…where she updated me on a few things.

Turns out Evelyn, after knowing this guy for six weeks and dating for three, decided to sign a year long lease with him and they’ve moved in together. So she’s legally tied to a guy with no job who she just met until the contact ends in August 2013.  Oh and she got rid of her phone and signed onto a phone plan with him. Brilliant move!

She hasn’t been in contact with me since telling me about Mr. Suspicious and apparently she’s cut everyone off. She claims she’s working a lot, but she won’t even return a text message – let alone a call. Given her history of abusive relationships (2 out of 4 boyfriends…) I think this could be a really bad sign. But now that she’s living 1,600 miles away with no close friends or relatives nearby…what can we do?