Studly and I took a short trip to Las Vegas a few weeks ago and while we were there we decided to see a show. Individually we have seen a few of the shows – Blue Man Group, Mystere, O, Ka…so we wanted to see one neither of us have seen and Zumanity looked sexy.

He surprised me with front row tickets and I was practically boucing in my seat to see it. OMG guys – it’s fricken awesome! Aside from all of the cool individual acts like two women doing crazy stuff in a large fish bowl, it had just the right mix of comedy skits and impressive acrobatic segments. The comedy was mostly a couple who engaged the audience and joked around with them. Toward the beginning they asked Studly and I some questions like how long we had been together and then the guy challenged Studly to a sword fight…with gigantic dildos. Always a fun way to start your evening!

During one of the acts they went around “helping” couples get closer together. For us, they stuck my hand on Studly’s crotch. Well, that’s one way to help I suppose! We must have had the best spot in the house because they talked to us a few times throughout the show. At the end they have a fake orgy on stage where everyone is half- or mostly-naked.

We walked back to the hotel and Studly seemed very enthused to go back to the room. So enthusiastic that he threw me over his shoulder and ran us back to the room after we got off the elevator because my heels were killing my feet. It was a loooooooooooooooong night, in a good way. I think I need to thank Zumanity. SERIOUSLY. Thank you. THANK YOU!

Love life feeling sluggish and you can make it to Vegas? GO TO ZUMANITY. NOW.