I’ve mentioned the fact that Studly travels around the country for his government job. Some of his coworkers get to spend two months in Honolulu. Others are allowed to relax in Maine during the leaf changing season. Studly was sent to South Dakota for three months during winter. Well, not everyone is lucky I guess.

Since he was gone for so long I decided to go out to visit for his birthday. It was an expensive present but at least I got to enjoy it too. While he was at work I slept in and then either watched X-Files or went exploring if the weather wasn’t too bad. According to the locals the weather was extremely warm this year, but for my Southern California butt that has only physically seen snow a handful of times in my life, it was fucking cold.

Looks pretty but feels like freezing hell….

It would take too long to describe the whole two weeks in detail, so let me give you some highlights:

We took a ‘long’ weekend and drove west to the Black Hills where he had secretly rented a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Even though it was meant for around 4-6 people, we had it all to ourselves for three days. We went sledding on the hill right outside of the front door and cuddled in the hot tub while it snowed around us.

We went to Crazy Horse which was amazing and filled with room after room of interesting and historic items. We thought it was hilarious that we walked through the gift shop relatively early and there were smoothed and shined pieces of rock from the mountain but if you keep walking through the rooms there was one at the end where they give untreated rock to you for free.

We went to Mount Rushmore as well and were surprised by how much less they have to offer than Crazy Horse. It was still grand, but less impressive. I guess that’s the difference between a non-profit raising funds for a cause (Crazy Horse) and Congress paying for it (Mount Rushmore). Can you say “budget cuts and reducing the vision”? Overall it was a great trip and I adored the cabin!

For the first time in my life I was driving in ice and snow, which I quickly learned means turning your car on and blasting the heat while using an ineffectual little tool to scrape ice off of the windows. Since I’ve never really been in snow I didn’t have any mittens, so I put on Studly’s spare pair. They were too large and were working mittens, so trying to grip the ice scraper was a bitch!

Given the fact that it was colder than a witch’s nipples I was cursing pretty quickly. That’s why I spent the majority of my mornings in the nice, warm hotel room watching X-Files while I waited for Studly to get off of work. Then he could scrape the ice off of the car.

Welcome to the TMI network – time to be prepared. One night during a bit of slap and tickle, Studly accidentally uttered those three little words. Yes! Those ones…I love you. Since we had only been dating for a few months I was shocked off my ass and definitely not ready to say them back.

When I asked what the hell he’d said his eyes got wide like a cartoon character’s. That’s when I realized he hadn’t meant it, it had just slipped out. He tried to fix it by saying “I meant I love your <CENSORED>.” That’s actually a really insulting way of taking that back. Suffice to say that evening ended very differently than we had both planned, with more apologies than expected.

Overall a great vacation in a lot of ways. Except the ice part – I HATE scraping ice.