As always there is a new set of drama at Anonymous Software Company – this time concerning the front desk receptionist. One woman works part time at the front desk and part time filing for the Finance Department. She’s notorious around the water cooler because of her…”assets” and “extracurricular activities. Basically a very obvious boob job and her many stories of how pole dancing has gotten her into the best shape of her life. Have I mentioned that she’s over 50?

They have another woman who fills in a few hours a week while Implants is doing her filing. That is, until last week. The Vice President went to the CEO of the company asking for a favor – his daughter (only a few years younger than me) needed a job. Since her resume is about two lines long:

1) Graduated High School


2) Two months of retail experience

It seems unlikely she can be hired for any job that does not include the words, “would you like fries with that?” I say that because with NO experience, NO furthered education, NO volunteer work…all in a very competitive job market, you aren’t going to have many choices. Not with unemployment as high as it is!

So they informed Implants that she will be transferred to filing fully time (tedious!) and the VP’s daughter, Nepo (short for Nepotism!) will do front desk instead. When I heard what was happening, I remembered Nepo’s name and decided to do a little bit of social media digging with Smokin’. Here’s what we found:

Zoogie2: Oh shit! Check out this status update: “June 30 I’m board”. Seriously? I hate when people misspell such simple words.

Smokin’: Me too! Did you see this one? “July 14 Can’t wait to start med school in Jan!” I thought she wasn’t going to school

Zoogie2: Hmmm if you look at the comments she’s going to <Local Business College>. I think they teach healthcare administration there and maybe some tech stuff like X-Ray Technician.

Smokin’: That’s not fucking med school.

Zoogie2: Word.

Smokin’: After looking at her facebook, I can see why future bosses want to check you out. Especially when a profile is public and anyone can see. It does show a personality.

Zoogie2: I guess in a way it is illuminating, but at the same time the way someone acts on their social media page might not reflect how good or bad of a worker they are.

I think both of us have good points, but I think the lesson here is how you present yourself. I wouldn’t go to a job interview wearing something inappropriate like a tube top. In the same way I’m concerned about the appearance other people see, I should also be concerned about my social media.

Luckily I made that shit as private as I could, without completely deleting it.