Back when I was still an intern at Anonymous Software Company there were two interns who were never far from each other – I’ll call them Thing 1 and Thing 2. They looked alike, dressed alike, went to college together, lived together, drove to work together, worked on projects together…basically they were like conjoined twins except I’m pretty sure that most conjoined twins have more independence from each other than these two did.

One day, Thing 1 was sick and didn’t make it to work. I’m guessing she was in charge of choosing appropriate work outfits because Thing 2 came in wearing the most inappropriate clothing I’ve ever seen in a work environment. She sauntered by my cubicle wearing an adorable white shirt with thin black vertical lines but she paired the top with…short shorts. They reached maybe two inches down her thigh and were completely skin tight. She must have thought they looked professional because they were black with white pin stripes.

I even heard two HR reps whispering about whether they should talk to her about appropriate work clothing, but as far as I know they never confronted her. They no longer work here, but Thing 1 & Thing 2 live on in infamy.