Poww and I were sitting in his cube, discussing a new campaign when the lights started to shake. As born and bred Californians, we glanced up interested but weren’t too concerned about an earthquake. The lights were barely moving – no way it was a real earthquake.

Suddenly there was a strong roar and a few of us rushed over to the windows. Four low flying military helicopters passed over Anonymous Software Company. NBA was right behind me and murmured “They look like Apaches”.

“Naw, they’re probably Black Hawks.” Poww said.

“Uh, are you only saying that because of the movie?” I asked, staring at the retreating helicopters.

“No! They could totally be Black Hawks.”

“Name another type of helicopter.” Silence met my statement, so we went to Google it and damned if they didn’t look just like Apaches. I picked up the Coolest Person Award and handed it to NBA. Looks like Poww will have to do something even cooler than correctly name low flying helicopters to get the award back!