I hope I don’t have kids anytime soon to tell this story to. I mentioned previously that I had a massive allergic reaction to a virus, leaving me weak, pathetic and a bit skinnier. I call it the I-can’t-breath-so-I-can’t-eat diet – it’s very effective. For a while I was recovering and wasn’t cleared to go back to work and due to my medications I couldn’t drive either. Stuck at home with nothing to do was driving me crazy, so SlipNSlide invited me to go with her to visit her friend who lived two hours away.

Given my lack of choices I hopped into her car, not caring that I was crashing her afternoon plans. I really just wanted something, anything! to do. We went shopping and goofed around; he was cute but not really my type. They introduced me to geocaching and we ended up spending hours on our phones running around trying to find caches. If you haven’t cached, I highly recommend it!

When we left, SlipNSlide asked what I thought and I sleepily answered that he was cute. Two weeks later she convinced me to go to a festival in his town, he had a friend working there and was able to get us in for free. I wasn’t supposed to mix alcohol with my medication but I ignored that little fact and ended up making out with him on the dance floor. For me, it was just a fun afternoon with a nice looking guy. The next thing I knew we were talking constantly and he never hesitated to make the two hour drive to see me. He frequently surprised me with little things – from flowers to fixing my car or letting me call him when my insomnia went into hyper drive.

Don’t get me wrong, things aren’t perfect; and our relationship was tested very early on. But that’s a post for another day (Check back for an update about how I almost lost Studly to another woman right after I met him – one of my best friends no less…)