Every few months my little sister and I try to meet up for brunch and catch up while eating some good food; our brothers never RSVP or show up. So imagine my shock when all four of us made it a plan to get together. I haven’t seen E-Shizzle in almost a year! Frankly, I was shocked he was going to make it, then I became shocked for a different reason.

He’s changed in so many ways. Physically he was always slim, but now he seems to drown in his clothes. He’s clearly lost a lot of weight and the angles of his face were disturbingly prominent. Then there’s the personality change…he invited us all back to his place after we ate and Le Brat and I decided to go. Rockstar left for work after a round of hugs.

When we got there, we spent the next three hours being regaled with stories and youtube videos about various conspiracy theories, including 9/11 being an inside job by our government and some rich family controlling different governments around the globe. If any part of his beliefs were challenged, he would just pull up another youtube video. Attempts to change the subject were ignored and another video would play.

I carefully asked him how his job search had been going and he informed me that he has a job. Growing marijuana. It’s legal in the amounts he grows because he has a medical card, then he can smoke his own or sell it back to the dispenseries when he needs cash. I’m not sure that he’s selling only to the dispenseries…

By the end of the afternoon, I was extremely concerned but also feeling helpless. What are my options – send the cops to his house? He’s not doing anything illegal (that I could see, I only had suspicions after all). If it’s a mental disorder, he doesn’t appear to be a threat to anyone so the cops couldn’t do anything anyway.

I hate to distance myself from someone I care about, but I really don’t want to be involved in his potentially illegal activities and since he refuses to talk about anything aside from conspiracy theories, I’m at a loss on what to say to him. I’m a proponent of legalizing marijuana, but based on his behavioral change and paranoia…could it have been caused by smoking weed multiple times a day for the past 8-10 years? A mental disorder?