Before graduation, La Actress moved out. I moved a few days after I walked. La Actress gave notice to me thirty days before our lease was ending, she was moving only a few minutes away into a townhouse with her mom. On the day she moved, I was out enjoying my freedom from school with my friends and trying to deal with Jarhead, who was insisting that the week and a half since we’d last seen each other was far too long. I just wanted to party and say goodbye to people I was sure I wouldn’t see for a long time, if ever again.

When I came back to the apartment, La Actress was almost entirely moved out. She handed me the remote control for the parking spot and headed out to return her key. I haven’t seen her since. What I did learn is that she took the trash can, which I bought and left a lot of crap she no longer wanted lying around. I guess that’s the freedom of moving out first.

A few weeks later, I was doing the same. I had family running around my apartment packing up all of my things and asking what they could throw out. I was moving back in with my mom and her husband, Harley for an unknown period of time until I could find my own place. It was quite a let down. Going from total independance for years to living in your old room and having two other people demand to know where you’re going when you leave? Not the most fun of my life.

Harley had started dating, moved in with and then married my mom while I was away at school, so I never really lived with him until that point. It should have been a red flag when he asked me if I had started looking for my own place in January and I didn’t graduate/move until June. I didn’t even have propects of a job at that point! Every few weeks for six months, Harley asked if I had found a job, my own place, etc. Umm, no. After I graduated and was living with them, I started looking for an apartment as quickly as I could and Harley came along to help me look. I quickly found that it wasn’t advisable to trust his opinion, because no matter what the place looked like or where it was located, Harley would insist that it was perfect and I should apply immediately. Yea, I’m sure your opinion is completely unbiased.

The apartment I first fell in love with was only a ten minute walk to Anonymous Software Company, high up on a hill with a gorgeous view. Unfortunately, no one from the renting office ever returned my calls or emails, and to this day I can see the weathered sign proclaiming that the apartment is for rent. Eventually, I found my current apartment which has a nice view of some mountains (and some other apartment buildings) and Sam the Cat snuck in one day and never left.

By no means did these incidents cover everything that happened while I lived with La Actress. Three years is too long to cover in a few blog entries, but when I think back on those years this is what I often flash back to. I’m so glad I live alone now!