I was assigned a new project that involves me working with my boss’ arch nemesis – Yelena. The more I learned about the project, the more I shuddered. It seemed like every aspect that I had to do brought up more problems. Like trying to get new cabinets for your kitchen and finding out the plumbing is bad. You replace the plumbing and find out that the water heater isn’t up to code. You replace the water heater and discover that the tile back splash is rotting and needs to be updated. Sort of like that.

While discussing it with my boss Ching, she told me in her country they have a saying that loosely translates to “The situation is like sticky gum on your fingers“. The more you try to pick the gum off, the more area you expose the gum to. So you end up with a disgusting, sticky mess in the end.

Yup, that’s the perfect description! I’ve never heard of a similar saying in English, but it fits.