This was it, finals were almost over and my grades were about to come filtering in. I’d nearly done it, I was anticipating graduating from college (with honors!). By this time, La Actress and I were barely speaking. It was a mixture of living together for too long and being ready to move on, stress over finals and graduation and the fact that JJ and I were hostile to each other. One evening a two weeks before finals, La Actress turned to me.

“I think I’m in trouble.” She said, biting her lip. My thoughts turned to JJ and pregnancy immediately. “Not that way!” She burst out, laughter in her eyes. “Remember the course I took that I got an extension on?” She asked quietly. How could I forget? A year and a half before La Actress had overextended herself. She signed up for two school plays – one to act in and one as staff and had a full course load of school as well. Plus her day job. She was rarely home and had neglected her homework until it looked like she might fail some of her classes. One professor knew how much she was working on and had made her an offer – she could neglect the rest of her coursework for that class as long as she made it up during winter break. She would have to complete every assignment missed and present it to him, but he was essentially putting her class grade on hold. She agreed. She managed to scrape by in her other classes but that winter break she didn’t complete the assignments. I remember asking her about it during summer break, and she said it was on her to do list. Her professor had reminded her about it during the next winter break and she said she would get it to him. Now we were mere weeks away from graduating and her counselor suddenly reminded her about this uncompleted class. She couldn’t graduate without finishing the coursework.

“Holy crap.” I said, my eyes wide. “What are you going to do?” How can anyone complete a course in a week and a half while they’re also studying for finals? She was so screwed.

“I don’t know. I don’t have time to complete everything.” She murmured, biting her lip. “I don’t know what I should do.”

Because we were not close anymore, I don’t know what she did. It’s possible she received another extension allowing her to walk but not receive her diploma until she completed the class. It’s also possible that she didn’t walk at all. She moved out before graduation and since we were different majors, we walked on different days. I wasn’t able to make it to her graduation since my honors convocation was later the same day – I was busy juggling family and trying to peel Jarhead off of me like a dryer sheet on wool jacket.

My own graduation was wonderful – it was a beautiful morning and they didn’t butcher my last name too badly. I wore an adorable grey baby doll dress under my robes and an hour after I walked, while I was still wandering around passing congratulations off to my friends, I received a call from my boss at the software company I was interning at. She offered me a job with compensation $4,000 more than I had expected to begin two weeks later. Trust me, it was a damn good day.