Are you asking yourself when I got married? No need to question further, I’ve always filled out my taxes as ‘single’. No, my divorce is from my work husband, Poww. He’s remarried now to my awesome coworker Smokin’. I really miss him.

For years we sat next to each other in the office – he’s a goofball who likes to play pranks but is also very sweet. We would exchange inside jokes and instant message each other all day. He always tried to sneak up behind me to scare me and I’d make treats for us to share. We sat in an extremely isolated area of the office with no other cubicles facing ours. Then his job responsibilities changed and his new boss became CGirl.

She’s a really great person, but she sits in the main area of the cubicle farm far away from me. She had him relocate his desk to the far corner by her and directly next to Smokin’. Although he and I still chat occasionally, it’s just not the same. If I want to bring him treats I have to bring some for everyone since he’s now in the main section and everyone can hear (and smell!) the goodies. It’s not really possible for him to prank me anymore since it’s so out of his way, so he pranks Smokin’ instead. With his new job, he doesn’t have as much time to message me anymore. He used to ask me a question and then we’d go off on silly tangents from there, but now he doesn’t work with the same software as me so it’s not as natural and the rapport has changed.

I feel sad about losing the relationship we had and it feels like we’ve divorced. We’re still friends, things have just changed between us.

My new cubicle neighbor is NBA – he’s quiet and very serious so there’s virtually no joking between us. He eats extremely healthy meals and doesn’t like to snack so even my oatmeal cookies were rejected. He’s very focused on work so he doesn’t like to IM about anything. In short he’s the opposite of Poww and I’m feeling lonely in my isolated little corner. I miss my work husband.