As we moved closer and closer toward graduation, La Actress and I grew more and more tired of living together. Every little annoyance grew to massive portions. She never did her dishes, especially cleaning out her rice maker, which drove me insane. She complained about me leaving the window in the bathroom open. We were ridiculous and overly sensitive, sniping at each other in frustration.

I felt pretty justified in my griping – she never finished unpacking from when we moved in two years before, she still had boxes sitting in the corner of the living room next to our coat closet which meant that that closet was completely inaccessible.

One evening I let her know that I probably wasn’t coming home that night. I had a late study group and then I’d heard about a party near our place, but I didn’t want her to worry if I didn’t end up walking home late at night, alone and probably drunk. Surprisingly, I ran into Firefighter at the party. We hadn’t really talked for the past few months but we ended up having a great time. He walked me home in the early hours of the morning.

I slowly ambled to our room, tired and ready to crash. I opened the door and walked automatically to my bed, carefully crawling under the covers. Except these covers were different textures and they appeared to be small pieces of cloth, not one large blanket. More pieces fell off of the bed, so I cursed and dragged myself up. La Actress woke up at that moment and gasped, I guess she hadn’t expected to find me standing by my bed at 5am. I saw a shadow move and she said, “I have a gun!”

“Ummm,” I said, trying to figure out what the hell was going on. “I can see that’s your cell phone.” I said, slurring a bit. She looked down, and clearly visible was her screen glowing lightly.

“Oh, it’s you,” she said, relief in her voice. She turned on the light. Once it was on I could see that my bed was entirely covered in clothing.

“Whaaaaa…?” I said, trying to focus on what the hell had happened. Slowly it came to me. La Actress was a messy person and normally I wouldn’t judge her because I am too. Usually, she would do laundry and then leave her clothing spread haphazardly across her bed which took up most of her space. Since she thought I wasn’t coming home, she had thrown all of those clothes across my bed and I had climbed under them in my stupor and haste. I used to have a picture of this on my phone, which I snapped quickly and clumsily but it was lost when my phone died. My entire full sized bed was covered in clothing.

I waited for her to get up and move her clothes; I didn’t want to start moving things in my state but instead she just sat on her bed laughing nervously and repeating how afraid she’d been when she woke up. In retrospect, I think she might have been embarrassed to have left her stuff on my bed. At the time, I was agitated and wanted her to just move everything already so I could crash. We were saved when my bladder decided to make itself known. While I tottered off to the bathroom, she hastily got up and cleaned off my bed. By the time I came back the light was back out and my bed was finally free. We were tired of living with each other by then; it had been three long years but graduation was right around the corner.