Seems like just last year I was crowing about getting my first raise as a professional working woman…oh wait that was just last year. Well, now I got another one, a 4% raise which I’m extremely happy about. It turns out a lot of my coworkers were really shitty at the Company Conference I didn’t get to go to, so their performance reviews suffered which meant they weren’t eligible for a raise which meant…more money for me! Yay to bad coworkers!

I skipped home, happy about this news. Only to open my mailbox and see that I’ve gotten a rent increase.



I can afford it now that I have my raise, but it pisses me off that they haven’t made any improvements to my building but they raised the rent on me. I just got a windfall which could have helped my saving goals but now I have to spend it on my apartment.

I’ll still be happy that I got the raise, but I wish I got to keep it all.