Things were awkward after I confronted La Actress about her and her boyfriend having sex next to me while I was trying to sleep. I began to worry that our last few months living together were going to be filled with long silences and downcast eyes. Unfortunately, an event occurred that left La Actress devastated and adrift.

I knew La Actress’ father hadn’t been doing well; he was in the hospital due to complications of a disease he had, and she had confided in me that the doctors were saying that the only way to save his life might be a radical amputation of one arm, one hand and both legs. He would be seriously incapacitated for the rest of his life. He was already blind with many other problems.

La Actress’ sister was in the army and was stationed on the other side of the country, her brother was in a nearby state going to school but it was still hours of driving to make the trek to the hospital. Her father was single, so it was La Actress’ duty to care for him and make major decisions for him. Most of the time he was completely incapable of understanding what was going on; at one point when he was lucid she explained the situation to him and asked what he wanted. In movies, this is the point when the character would gracefully understand that there wasn’t any time left – even with the amputation, it wasn’t likely that he would survive. Her dad begged her to save his life and take care of him with his infirmities. She looked into dropping out of school, only months away from graduation. Unfortunately, he died right before the surgery.

She came home and I knew something was wrong by the look in her eyes. I ran over to give her a hug and she just fell down. I’ve never had someone collapse because they just can’t stand up anymore. I hurried her over to the couch and watched her spend the next few days laying there, saying nothing, lost in a deep depression. People were a constant parade through our living room, making sure she had fresh food to eat and giving her comfort. Everyone came, everyone except Tiberon. His absence was noted by more than a few people.

I couldn’t understand how such a great guy would abandon his girlfriend when she needed him. Worse, one day while La Actress lay staring at the ceiling, I persuaded her to go onto Facebook since I was sure that she would have a lot of messages from people who couldn’t come to see her. She logged on and let out a small sound. Tiberon had “checked in” to a bar not far from our apartment and updated his status with the location and how much fun he was having. She texted him, asking where he was. At XXX with ma boys he sent back and she turned off her phone and computer and rolled over to face the wall, her back to the world.

After three and a half weeks I dragged her off to therapy – that’s long time to go without eating properly or showering. Slowly she regained her strength physically, mentally and emotionally but things were over between her and Tiberon. He hadn’t been worth her time and wasn’t there when she needed him. Plus a good friend of hers had shown how supportive he was and she was interested in learning more about him.