This is embarrassing, so naturally I pulled over to the side of the road to write it all down the minute it happened. A few months ago a certain Australian Male Strip Club had a few of their handsome hunks tour through my area. Naturally I got tickets and enjoyed a delicious lap dance with a man who was in all likelihood gay. I wish one of those traveling strippers had a blog – I bet they have some awesome drama going on backstage.

Months later I’m in my car driving home from work when I hear the following advertisement. Can you see where I got confused?

You loved them last year when they came to Hometown and performed a sold out show. I’m proud to announce that your FAVORITE Australian male group is coming back to town!

They dance, they sing, they drive you wild with their accents from Down Under! You know who they are! Tickets go on sale for a performance from….The Wiggles!

UH WHAT THE FUCK? I wanted Thunder From Down Under!!! But no, I confused four men singing to children with twelve men dry humping women.

This is my life.