Up until this point, La Actress and I had gotten along pretty well – we were the same level of messy and usually liked to spend time together. I grew to like her boyfriend, Tiberon who seemed like a really great guy. I was busy chasing a guy who was studying to be a firefighter and I often met up with him at parties held by Smokey and Boss.

One night in particular, I had gone over to a party hosted by Boss where I had one too many drinks. Firefigher walked me home, but had to wake up early in the morning so he didn’t come in. I stumbled in, surprised that La Actress and Tiberon were there since they’d been planning on going out. In my drunken haze, I didn’t realize that they’d probably anticipated that I wouldn’t be coming home. I told them I needed to take a “shwwwrrr”, then headed toward the bathroom. After laughing at me, La Actress got up to refill their drinks in the kitchen. I slowly and deliberately closed the door to the bathroom, confused as to what came next.

“Hey Zoogie2?” Tiberon called out tentatively. I slipped my head back out of the bathroom. “I think you should turn on the light, so that you don’t fall down”, he said, hiding his smile. La Actress waltzed out the kitchen and gave me a puzzled look, then burst out laughing when she realized that I’d been about to shower in the dark since I’d forgotten to turn on the light. Tiberon was a cool guy while I was drunk, but when he was drunk…

One evening after a late study group, I came home around 4 in the morning. I walked in, surprised to see a large group of people in my living room – La Actress was having an impromptu party. I carefully walked over people passed out on the floor and made it to my bed, practically falling face down onto it. La Actress and Tiberon were both completely wasted and soon tripped their way into the room. I barely woke up and figured that they would fall asleep quickly. Nope.

One of the things La Actress and I agreed about was where we stayed when a guy slept over. Since we shared a room, we agreed in the beginning that the girl with the ‘friend’ over would crash in the living room. I told her the first day we first moved in together that my only request was that she not have sex next to me like my Roommate From Hell did. I’ll let you guess what happened that night. When I woke up and went to work, I was both angry and confused. While this was something that Roommate From Hell did often, I guessed that La Actress wouldn’t do it again but I definitely felt that I should say something. I also didn’t want it to seem like I was yelling at her. After work, I headed home and ran into La Actress leaving for class. I stopped her and asked for a minute.

“I just wanted to say that I’m not mad, I’m just kind of disappointed that you and Tiberon had sex while I was there. That was one of the things we agreed we wouldn’t do and it kind of made me uncomfortable.” I said quickly, wanting to get the whole conversation over with.

“That actually happened?” She whispered, sounding mortified.

“Umm, yes.” I said. She nodded, then said it wouldn’t happen again and rushed out. It’s amazing how effective she was in avoiding me for the next few week until something happened that no one could have foreseen…