So it’s been decided – I will indeed be continuing this blog without Studly reading any of it. And yes, I delete my internet history at home.

We had a small talk about it this past weekend, where he basically asked how much I was going to write about him. I understand his concern – he’s a big part of my life. His question was basically “Are you going to write about <really embarrassing situation> or <that one thing I made you promise never to tell anyone>? How about <that time I did that thing and you laughed and I got upset that you laughed but it was kinda funny in an awkward way>?”

I reassured him that truly private things would stay private, but the way he acted made me think he wasn’t totally on board. Then on Saturday night he did something that I thought was perfectly normal but he was pretty embarrassed. The first thing out of his mouth was, “Are you going to blog about this?”

There are times when my first reaction is to think to myself, OMG Zoogie2, you HAVE to remember to blog about this later! But it had never occurred to me to write about this particular situation, because it was private. My surprise at his question and immediate denial must have reassured him, because he smiled and said my blogging didn’t bother him at all.

In conclusion – it’s time to blog!