I was going through my old chats and found this conversation with a coworker. Not the most flattering moment:

Zoogie2: Geeze, what the hell is going on? I’m in my twenties, I shouldn’t get a zit this big anymore! I haven’t had a zit like this since high school!

CoWorker: Well, I heard that zits are a sign of testosterone, which means you’re probably horny or something. You just told me yesterday that you couldn’t find a guy, maybe this will attract one.

Zoogie2: I have a face on my face and that’s supposed to attract a guy?

CoWorker: Think about when you were in high school. Everyone had pizza-faces but we were all over each other like we were overdosing on aphrodisiacs.

Zoogie2: Fuck. I had a pathetic track record with guys in high school. Does the pimple means I’m going to get as much play as I did in high school? If so, I might as well go pick up three more cats and put stuffed animals back on my bed.