Way to make my Monday better! At lunch RT, Dizzy, Pearl and I were sitting around discussing current events and Pearl mentioned that she had recently read about male birth control. Since the four of us have the maturity of a group of teenagers, we immediately put our heads together.

“Do we trust men to take these every day?” RT asked, shaking her head.

“I don’t trust a guy to bring a condom that hasn’t been put through the washer, dryer and possibly chewed on by his dog. Why would I trust a guy when he says he’s been taking a pill?” I retorted.

“Hmm. But they probably don’t want kids, right?” Pearl frowned, deep in thought.

“Unless they assume you’re already safe and they can just lie about it so they don’t have to wear a condom. I’m so glad I’m married!” Dizzy exclaimed.

“Maybe they should invent a monthly pill or shot for men to take, like Depo-Provera.” Pearl’s mouth quirked, “Or we could just give them Depo directly.”

“That wouldn’t work,” I had originally meant that men wouldn’t remember a monthly pill either, but I quickly turned it around. “Literally!” Score, a joke about chemical castration!

“Maybe a reward system should be put in place.” RT mused.

“If you want to reward your man for taking a pill everyday he’s either going to turn out fat from the sweets you make him or dehydrated from lack of fluid.” Dizzy pointed out.

“What will they do? Flash a commercial at half time of every sports game reminding men to take their pill? What will we do on the off season? Do you realize how much the birth rate will spike during that time!?”

After giggling and making some more bad jokes, we moved on. Male birth control – they can invent it, I’m just not sure most men will actually use it correctly!