Note: This review covers “Moon Called” through “River Marked”.

I don’t think I could recommend any book series more than this one. I’m not really into supernatural, vampire-monster-magical creature books, but I loved this series. I’ve read Harry Potter, Twilight, Tolkien, and some others that are basically required reading for life but usually I skip most books that are predominantly fantasy fiction. If I’m going to read about big scary monsters, I prefer Stephen King.

But this series was short, easy to read and gripping. The main character is likeable, it’s full of funny quips and it’s pretty relateable. It’s hard to find a book where you aren’t sure which character is your favorite because there are so many great choices. In short – it kicked ass!

I especially like how quickly she writes these. They’re all about 300 pages and she churns them out frequently. Not like some authors where you’ll read a great book and have to wait three years for the sequel.

I thought that Silver Bourne (Book #5) was rushed compared to the others, but that may be because she needed to set up the plot for book #6, which came out right before I headed to Mardi Gras. I finished River Marked (book 6) in less than 5 hours (at the terminal and on the plane to the Big Easy), it was that awesome. Read these books!

NOTE: I was in no way asked, paid or solicited to write this review.