Remember how my Building Manager told me he wasn’t responsible for the actions of tenets and I informed him that he was wrong? Yea, turns out when you have prior knowledge that two tenants routinely fight and you’ve overheard one of them say he’s a gang member who plans on killing someone else, you may be legally liable. At the very least, you get fired. Which is exactly what happened. La Actress and I came home two days after the stabbing of Younger Brother to find a note on our door from the new building manager. In short it said that the owner has been informed that other tenants knew about the ongoing fighting and in the future, issues like that needed to be reported to the new manager.

The only problem with the letter was how often he used “quotes”. See, he “used” them in almost every single “sentence” and completely out of the correct context. It was almost as if he was using them to “emphasize” words and we all know that bold, italics and color can do that a lot better than incorrectly used “quotations”. La Actress found it “funny”, but I was “worried” that our new manager wasn’t a “professional” and after the issues with Big Orange, I wanted someone who “knew” what they were doing. To me, it seemed like a lack of “education” or “care” in how you present yourself.

The New Building Manager (NBM) decided to personally meet each tenant, so he stopped by the apartment. He asked if there was anything we shared with the old manager or would care to share now. We went over the usual things – complaints about a party or two, Big Orange (which was no longer an issue since they moved), oh and The Wiz has a Master Key. I wish I could recreate the look on NBM’s face when he heard that a tenant had a master key. I was actually impressed by NBM when I met him in person, despite his excessive use of quotation marks. He seemed capable and was derisive of the way the old manager had handled Big Orange, which instantly earned him points with me.

La Actress was less impressed, especially after what happened the next day. La Actress had been seeing Tiberon for quite some time and although our apartment complex was supposed to have a locked front door, other tenants routinely propped the door open so that it was easy to walk in and out. We had an intercom system, but it was broken so if the door was closed, which was rare, you had to walk to the front to let your friend in. La Actress and I were the farthest apartment from the door, all the way by the back garden. We were lazy. So even when the door was closed, Tiberon would often wait until a tenant walked in and then followed them inside. On this particular day, Tiberon saw the door was locked but by lucky chance someone with a key walked in and he followed them. Unfortunately NBM was standing nearby and saw this happen, so he walked over to confront Tiberon.

I understood his zeal – he was new, didn’t know everyone but knew for sure that this kid didn’t live in the building. Maybe he was being racist and thought he was in a gang since Tiberon was a young Hispanic kid with baggy pants, but I appreciate the fact that he didn’t turn a blind eye like the old manager would have. NBM asked to see Tiberon’s key to the building, and when he couldn’t produce one, NBM demanded to know why he was in the building.

“To see my girlfriend. She lives in apartment XX.” Tiberon replied.

“Then she needs to come get you.”

“Her apartment is right there, you can walk with me if you want-,” Tiberon was cut off by NBM’s angry words.

“No. It’s a rule that tenants must escort their guests into the building and accompany them at all times if they leave their apartments. Call her and have her come get you or you’ll have to leave the property.” So La Actress came out of the apartment to walk 20 feet to escort her boyfriend. She was livid. I personally didn’t think it was a bad idea, I’m all for safety (you never know, he could have been a thief, gang member or plain old crazy). Besides, at that moment NBM was the least of our worries. We had some new neighbors and they weren’t pleasant…