After my disastrous biological clock incident, I was nervous about going back to the school to award them with the check. Especially since they’d have news crews there, I didn’t want an audience and/or proof of my insanity. Also, I really didn’t want to read in my local paper:

Local Businesswoman Has Meltdown

At a recent check presentation ceremony at <Elementary School>, a member of Anonymous Software Company’s Local Community Engagement Committee had a massive meltdown due to her insane biological clock, which appeared a decade earlier than she had previously estimated. Said businesswoman, Zoogie2, was hugged by a 3rd grader and then she proceeded to assault two men, eventually dragging one into the handicapped bathroom while screaming, “Stop slapping me, I’ll make a baby now! I’m doing it now!” Locals are advised to avoid her at all costs.

Overall, the check presentation went well. I was on TV, but haven’t been able to find the clip online. I was also having a good hair day 🙂 which is obviously the most important part.