I practically sprinted to training this week, excited about Sly’s promise of a homemade pie. After the first twenty minutes of training, with just the four regulars (Jaimie, Sly and Hobbes the instructor and me), we were ready to break out some Key Lime goodness.

Just then, a whole group of people walked into the room. The four of us glared accusingly at each other, convinced that one of us had blabbed about our pie plans.

“Excuse me, what are you doing here?” Hobbes asked haughtily.

The whole group looked at each other, confused. Finally, one person stepped forward, “We’re the new hires, we’re supposed to be training in this room…?” All of us sighed, of course they had double booked the room. We quickly packed up our things and left to find another place to eat our pie.

We all gathered in the kitchen and vibrated in anticipation of this key lime deliciousness. Hobbes slowly cut each piece and when I was handed mine I shoveled a forkful into my mouth and – oh no. I somehow managed to swallow. What was that!?

Everyone’s face looked exactly the same, our lips were puckered and our eyes were confused.

“I think I forgot to add the sugar.” Sly said slowly, putting her fork down.

I sighed, thanked her and walked back to my desk. I gave my piece to Poww and started peeling a tangerine. It’s healthier and better for me anyway. At least the tangerine was sweet.