Well this is the first time sexting has turned out badly. Ha! Just kidding.

So there I was, sending flirty texts to BBG despite the fact that it’s a terrible idea when he decided to reveal a bit too much. I swear, I wasn’t writing anything too provocative and if it was a bit sexy, it was super vanilla. Right in the middle of a bunch of annoying emoticons (😛 😉 🙂 etc), I stopped responding because I was busy with my family. He took my lack of response for…interest? I’ve heard silence can be taken as consent, but when I actually picked up my phone and started reading this mini-novel of BDSM and some other graphic things, I was shocked. Can you picture it?

“Oh hey Aunt L, yeah I haven’t decided anything about grad school yet. How’s your son? Ohhh good. Glad to hear he’s out of jail <again>. Oh hold on, I think Mom is texting me.” Zoogie2 looks at her phone and finds an extremely graphic text about…actually I can’t write it, but it was pretty vivid.

Trust me, if I print what he wrote WordPress would label me a “mature” blog and then I’d never get another new reader again. Well, I’d get some new fans, but they’d be the creepy kind who are into a number of things I’m not. We’re not talking a little bondage here, I wish it was just a bit of bondage! OK, I’m a gossip who just can’t keep her mouth shut…I mean, her fingers still (why are both of those statements prompting me to type “that’s what she said“??).

There was some bondage stuff. Whatever, I’ve already typed about wanting to tie men up to sleigh beds.

There was some dom/sub stuff. Ok, fine.

There was some orgy stuff. Okkkkkkkkaaaaaayyyyy. Why is it 4 girls and just 1 guy?

There was some graphic pain stuff. Hmm no, I like that part of my body and really don’t want it to hurt like I’m betting that would hurt. Oh or that part…or that part! why do you keep typing about bring pain to areas of my body that I really like?

And then there was the forced you-know-what. I can’t type it otherwise people will be able to find me using Google search terms that I really don’t want them to use. Wasn’t the biological sister search term bad enough!?

Wow. Not OK. For consenting adults, whatever you want to do, you can do. But as someone who has been sexually assaulted? Yeah, not my thing. And more than that, BBG knew that I had that experience. And then he put it in a “sexy” text. Yep, thanks for listening to my story about my year of therapy over that incident, glad you found it such a turn on.

So I won’t be talking to BBG anymore. Now it’s just creepy.