I was recently invited to join a well known club in Hometown because I’m friends with one of the members. The membership fees aren’t very high and the meetings are not often or very long but I’m completely on board to join this club.


Because of where they meet. One of the members owns the extremely exclusive local country club, so they meet there. Just to join the country club you have to be able to afford to upkeep multiple homes and most members are heads of companies or were given a trust fund before they could wipe their own asses.

The country club has a famous and very talented chef, which is the #1 reason why people want to join. Meetings for The Club are once a month for lunch, and I could really get used to eating this well. At my introduction meeting we had an appetizer of seared tuna, a main course of an organic chicken enchilada with the most delicious sauce I’ve ever had. If I could have licked my plate without anyone seeing, I would have. I would have licked every plate in the room! Finally, they ended the meal with white chocolate cheesecake and raspberries.

I’m going to fill out this membership application ASAP so I can eat this well every month!