Weekly training is actually a good thing. Anonymous Software Company gives you three choices for their weekly training (not the mandatory 6 month training I’ve mentioned before, this is the weekly “other” training):

1) Attend in person for an hour

2) Attend from your cubicle

3) Accumulate trainings and complete on your own time

Most people choose #2 because they can sit in their cubes and ignore the training, working instead. #3 is mostly for our employees out in the field. I choose #1 because it gives me at least 1 hour a week where I’m given a chance to leave my desk and work somewhere else. We have this huge training room but only 4 or 5 of us actually show up every week.

One of the people who is there every week without fail is Sly. She’s a really interesting person and we spend most of our time comparing cute cat lol pics. Yeah, training is obviously helpful.

This week she talked about baking which is apparently one of her favorite things to do. So next week she’s promised to bring homemade pie to training. We’ve all been sworn to secrecy so the whole company doesn’t try to crash the live training to get a slice.

Hell, maybe I’ll bring brownies (double chocolate brownies are my specialty) and we can have a mini dessert feast!