This is getting frustrating. HOTTT seemed so great at first, but now the situation has gotten pathetic. I feel like I’m the one chasing him – he never texts, sets up dates or exerts any effort. At this point I’m not texting him unless he texts me first and even then “😛” and “LOL” have been horrendously overused. FYI people – neither of those is part of a conversation.

What the hell does a girl need to do to get chased? Strip naked, cover herself in honey and wait? At this rate, the bears will eat me first!

You might be sinfully attractive but I’m easily distracted. If a butterfly floats past me my head spins around like that chick in The Exorcist, but cuter and less creepy. Actually, most people would stare at an adorable butterfly. Different example – if you don’t keep my attention BBG will start texting me and I’ll forget all about you.

And that’s what is currently happening.

I swear I know better. There’s absolutely no future with BBG, but he’s fun. Oh man, that sounded lame. Plus, I just talked to GPS about this whole situation and we agreed that flirting with BBG is a terrible idea. However, BBG is:

1) So fine that most women drop to their knees at the sight of him

2) Intensely focused. When he’s talking to you, you feel like there’s no one else in the world competing for his attention

3) Hilarious. I’m attracted to men who make me laugh

…and he actually texts/calls/emails/Facebooks me. So he shows his interest. This post is actually starting to sound a little whorish to me; I sound like a brain dead idiot. “Oh, he pays attention to me and buys me pretty things *giggle* I should go blow him *fake blush*”. In order to fully appreciate that sentence, say it in a high pitched whiny voice.

So in conclusion, I’m being dumb about BBG (who I should stop texting), I’m tired of being ignored by HOTTT (who I should stop texting until he gets a clue), I’m not attracted to Twitch (who I should stop texting, because he might actually have feelings for me and that would make me a super-bitch) and I haven’t met anyone else.

I thought 50% of the population was composed of men (except in China). Where the hell are these guys?