Poor Granny has the flu, so I told her I would bring her over a care package of some saltines, 7-Up and Niquil just like she did for me a few weeks ago. She mentioned that she had some flu pills from years before, but she realized after she took some that they were expired. Her doctor said it would be OK, but not to take any more of them.

I showed up, care package in hand and warned her about the liquid Niquil – when I took it, it gave me some lucid and scary dreams. Usually, I don’t dream (or at least I don’t remember dreaming), but these ones were incredibly clear and life-like.

“Dammit, the last thing I need is to give your grandfather another reason to lock me up in an institution.” Granny said, eyeing the medicine.


“Don’t worry, the lawyer will be believe my version over his. I think I”m the more credible source.” Granny said, distracted by the DVDs I brought her.

“What lawyer?” I asked, not following the conversation at all.

“The one I would hire in the event that something tragic happened, of course. Well, you go home, I don’t want you getting sick too. Love you!” She said and closed the door in my face.

I don’t know what meds she was on before I gave her the Niquil, but I’m both disturbed and a little jealous.