Both TweedleFun and TweedleSweet look like they’re at least 20 years younger than they are – but neither one has had any surgery or Botox. When asked how they manage to pull this off they both gave answers that I’d like to explore further.

TweedleSweet: Umm I guess it’s because I don’t let stress get to me. I try to meditate and enjoy life.

TweedleFun gave TweedleSweet and incredulous look, then told us her beauty secret.

TweedleFun: Well, I think it’s because I smoked a lot of weed as a young adult. I didn’t go outside which prevented overexposure to sunlight because I was too busy being high. I think most problems can be solved by smoking pot.

Wow TweedleFun, interesting thing to say at work…