I just patted myself so hard on the back I knocked a filling out – well, not really since I never had any fillings, but you get the picture.

In December, Anonymous Software Company hosted their annual Holiday Party and I had my bridesmaid dress from my mom’s wedding (she’s been married two years) shortened so that I could wear it. It’s a gorgeous deep purple Empress waisted gown with ruched bodice and halter straps. I absolutely adore it. Unfortunately, when I tried it on it was too small. That’s around the time that I vowed to lose weight (again). Last night I couldn’t sleep (I miss my sleeping pills), so I popped out of bed around 5:30 in the morning and I impulsively decided to try on the dress, just to see how much more I’d need to lose for it to fit again.

I dragged it on and started zipping. I made it half way up my back…good. Then it was 3/4 of the way, which is where it got stuck before…OK, bit nervous now. Then it was zipped all the way up. It fits! OK, so I’m a bit more…top heavy than I was two years ago (despite continued dieting and exercise, I cannot seem to shrink my chest) but it actually fits! After dancing around my apartment in glee and kissing Sam the Cat, I took it back off. Now, to maintain (or hopefully, lose more) weight until this December so I can show off my dress at the 2011 Holiday Party.

Watch out boys, I look killer in this dress!