I thought I should give a brief but important disclaimer – this week I jump into a whole lot of crazy. I mean…more than a few gallons of insane. I’d like to apologize in advance and invite you to skip this week’s rants (and last week too). I 100% blame the insomnia (and my childhood).

I recently stopped taking my sleeping medication, on the grounds that I “didn’t want to get addicted”. Based on my lack of sleep and the circles under my eyes, I’ve either turned into an unhappy nocturnal raccoon or I was already addicted to the meds and just didn’t realize it.

I’m sure that once the medication fully leaves my system and my brain waves recalibrate (or whatever Dr. Oz and WebMD call it), I’ll be able to sleep normally again. Until then I’m in danger of snapping the next time Sam the Cat delicately sneezes at 2:00am while I lay awake staring at the stars move across the sky throughout the night. Not that I’m bitter at this turn of events or anything.

Is it falling off the wagon if I take just one dose tonight? I mean…I really need some sleep and I have a few left. Maybe the best way to kick this is with a well rested, clear mind and no medicine sitting in my cabinet calling my name lovingly. Yea, that crash you just heard? That was my fat ass falling off the wagon. Momma’s gunna sleep good tonight!