RT is not doing well. I’ve refrained from mentioning her personal problems, but suddenly remembered that this is an anonymous site. So here we go:

RT has been married to her husband for over 20 years and I hoped that I would have a relationship like theirs one day. They seemed so solid, supportive, caring. When I think to my family’s relationships, I never saw anything like that growing up (my family has a long history of marrying abusive partners or staying together ‘for the kids’). Imagine my shock when RT divulged that she stopped by her husband’s office (he owns his own business as a lawyer) and saw on his screen, completely unhidden, an advertisement for an escort. So she did some digging and found out that for years he’s been buying sex from hookers younger than their oldest kid.

She confronted him and he asked if it would change anything. Holy crap, yes! You think!?

She’s working on finding her own lawyer and formally divorcing him. Since he’s familiar with laws and she’s heard that possession is 9/10ths of the law, both refuse to move out of the master bedroom, let alone the house. Talk about awkward.

Her daughter, who lives with her fiancée, has completely cut off her father. But their teenage son is now siding with him. I was worried at first for RT because she didn’t seem to have any emotional reaction to this news. Don’t people cry or scream when their 20 year marriage falls apart? When their spouse exposes them to STIs? RT did none of that. Slowly, everyone in our group has figured out that even though she hadn’t exploded emotionally yet, she isn’t doing well. She’s completely cut everything in her life off in order to drink wine and watch soap operas at night. Her husband stopped paying the mortgage on their house and she gives no opinion on that. I’m seriously concerned about her now.