Oh geeze, I think I almost fainted today from shock. Remember when I earned the nickname “Narc” for telling my college class about my unethical, lazy coworker Unpleasant? There I was, sitting in my cubicle trying to decide if I should do more work or find someone to wander over to the water cooler with me when I saw him. Unpleasant. Mere feet from me. How is this possible, you ask? Hell if I know, he was let go during the recession and I can’t imagine anyone rehiring him after the copious complaints he received.

He was talking with one of the lower level managers about some project – I couldn’t hear any more than that although I considered trying to make an impromptu ear horn. I immediately IM’d Poww, if anyone would know about the situation, he would.

Zoogie2: Uhhh I think I’m hallucinating

Poww: U ok?

Zoogie2: I can see Unpleasant. Right now.

Poww: Oh. Yea. He’s baaaacccckkkk

Zoogie2: You have 20 seconds to explain before I self destruct!!!

Fear caused my heart to clench and my blood to run cold. Why!? WHY!?! This was especially nauseating since Poww decided to write a fricken novel, so my IM kept saying “Poww is typing…” or “Poww has entered text”. I’ve given you the shortened version, removing all of the times Poww referenced my “narc-ing” (total amount? 12).

Note: Beardo is another coworker of mine. He started the Wild Beard Trend.

Poww: Ok – are you aware of the fact that Beardo is Unpleasant cousin? I don’t think anyone mentions that very often. Basically, Beardo recently “quit”, he stopped being a full time employee and is now a sub-contractor. He hired Unpleasant to work for him so technically Unpleasant doesn’t work here. He just receives projects through Beardo. All of his pay, employment, any benefits, etc are through Beardo. I’m not sure why he’s in the office today, but I’m sure he’s leaving soon.

Zoogie2: W

Zoogie2: T

Zoogie2: F

Zoogie2: !?

I can’t imagine that he’s changed much, so I’ll keep an eye out for him to come around again and an ear to the ground (well, an ear at the water cooler) to catch all of the gossip!