Oh, and in other news, I’m still seeing Twitch. He’s actually good at communication, but he’s not so good at making a move. And by making a move, I mean trying anything at all. We’ve gone out…four times now. And he hasn’t so much as tried to hold my hand. We’ve had coffee, dinner, gone to a movie and a few nights ago I went to his place to watch “Children of Men”. By the way, he had an impressive set up. His place was clean, comfortable and his TV was 12 times bigger than mine, plus it was attached to every major gaming system as well as a computer. He said he Skype’s his parents with it, I wouldn’t want to Skype using it just because you’d be able to see the individual pores on a person’s face.

Ok, back to the real topic – I won’t claim to be patient, I’m really not, but I don’t know what to do at this point. I’ve resolved to grab his hand on our next date and if he doesn’t pull away I guess it’s my job to kiss him. FYI – I like it when a guy takes charge. Not all the time, but give a girl a hint over here!

I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret. If you don’t make a move, women will put you in the “friend” category. That is the kiss of death for any chance you have with her. Despite the popularity of romantic comedies, women usually don’t let men jump back into “Testosterone laden, I want to f*ck you now” category once they put you into “friend”. From that moment on, you’re akin to her gay best guy, capable only of braiding hair and trying on scarves together. If he doesn’t make a move he’s going to fall right into that category and in my world there’s no way outta that one.