My entire life I’ve hated my hair – I often describe it as “Shirley Temple curls on crack”. I wanted to get my hair chemically straightened with the Brazilian Blowout, but then I read about the controversy surrounding it. If you’re too lazy to click on the link, I’ll summarize. Basically a sample of the treatment was tested and they found higher levels of Formaldehyde than the FDA recommends. So clients and especially hairdressers were at risk for inhaling a potential carcinogen.

Scary, yes? Considering that I don’t plan on allowing Formaldehyde to be pumped into my dead body someday, I was hesitant to have it covering my head. I did some research on alternatives but the Blowout has the best results. I was told that while other treatments could help smooth my hair, it wasn’t likely to straighten as well. Of course these less effective treatments cost the same, if not more in some cases, as the Blowout.

I decided to go for it. What the hell, I like living on the edge. So I found a highly recommended salon and went for it. I did some research beforehand and found that they were well ventilated, the hairdresser was experienced and certified, and I felt comfortable with the situation.

IT WAS WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My hair is absolutely gorgeous. She said that my hair was too curly to turn out stick straight, but I only have a slight wave now which makes my hair look natural. Everyone is shocked at how soft and smooth and healthy looking my hair is now. For the first time in my life I can spend less than 10 minutes on my hair and walk out the door looking fantastic.

A few hours after I had my hair done I went shopping and had Rodrigo, a sales clerk, following me around the store making suggestions and offering help. From the moment I walked into the store until I walked out, he stayed by my side. I’ve never gotten that level of customer service at that store before. Plus, he was very cute. Then I went through a drive thru to get dinner for Amazon and myself and the drive thru guy gave me his number and asked me out. He was pretty cute too.

Everyone at work has been commenting about how good I look and TweedleFun actually shouted my name across a room full of colleagues to see if it was really me. Yes, yes it is.

Everyone else in my family has hair like my mom – wavy but pretty. Easily manageable. The type of hair that doesn’t require product to restrain it. Only Granny has curly hair and she’s kept it in a pixie cut since 1951. SERIOUSLY. When RockStar and I came along as hott curly messes, my mom didn’t know how to deal with our hair. It looks good on him – he keeps it short and when he grows it out if gives him a boyish look. On me it’s a disaster. I spent my childhood with braids, ponytails and gallons of product poured onto my head. I feel like I finally have the hair I should have been born with.

NOTE: In no way was I paid or solicited by Brazilian Blowout (but if they want to reward me with a free blowout, I’m totally up for that).