I’m sorry.

I know I haven’t given blogging the level of attention it deserves, but juggling three men, going to the gym as often as I promised I would and work problems have made me a bad blogger. I plan on updating, especially about work. Not only did I get passed over for an important event in a painfully insulting way, my job has decreed that I am required to attend a second mandatory training for the next 6 months. Except this training is very serious: passing means a $1,500 bonus and failure means public humiliation – so actually doing the reading & homework, plus attending the 2 hour session weekly has taken up an extreme chunk of my time. No way I can read I Can Has Cheezburger like I normally do.

Now, onto a few highlights of this week…be on the lookout for:

    • The Blowout – I got my hair did and two guys flirted with me completely spontaneously. One gave me his number!
    • The Conference – I considered switching departments or even job hunting after this insult
    • Throwback Thursday – The Evil-Dog saga continues…
    • And more!