Now I’m not one to judge, but this is just weird. *Pause*. Did you actually believe me when I said I wasn’t one to judge? Hell no, I spend most of my time getting all judgmental on you guys! I was looking at recent search terms that brought people to this site and found this little gem:

rub lotion on coworkers sunburn

Uhhhhh…what? First of all, no. Just no. Second of all, I’m the one walking around like a giant lobster because I never remember sunscreen – not my coworkers. And third…I haven’t even gotten into the whole “my coworker crush didn’t work out” story, so how does Google know if I rubbed anything? I said “if”. IF!

Because I’m nosy and wanted to see what the hell post is linked to rubbing your coworkers up with lotion, I Googled it. I couldn’t find myself on the first two pages (arguably the only important pages, everyone knows that if you can’t find it in the first two, you just change your keywords). Maybe they used Yahoo or Bing or something. I actually have a life right now (shocker, I know!) so I don’t have time to follow up with random search engines.

I promise that next week I’ll have new posts about two full days of being drunk, the men I’m dating (that’s right, more than one!) and the ongoing nightmare that is my family.

Sorry I’m so busy, it’s my birthday this week 🙂

Oh shit. I just realized that now that I posted this, I’m definitely going to show up on search engines for this term. Great.