While I was moving in with La Actress, Biffle was getting settled into her new place as well. She wanted to get a dog, so she chose to rent a room from a couple she met on Craigslist that allowed her to adopt a puppy.

After living there for only a few short weeks, her life was thrown into chaos. One morning at 6:15am, she was awakened to shouting and the sound of the front door being kicked in. After panicking and trying to find her phone to call the police, a group of men rushed into her room. They were police officers and they promptly handcuffed her.

Her roommates had seemed like a nice couple, but the man had been downloading child porn. He later tried to claim it was only one time and an accident, but the FBI doesn’t kick down the door for ‘one time’ and his wife divorced him faster than Britney Spears divorced that guy she married in Vegas. The FBI arrested him and had everyone in the house (including Biffle and the other girl renting a room) handcuffed and placed outside on the sidewalk.

In order to be exonerated, she had to provide her laptop to their forensics person to prove she hadn’t been downloading anything illegal. After handing her over computer and being deemed innocent, she promptly went onto Craigslist and started looking for a new place to live.

And that is why I don’t look for roommates on Craigslist.